Emerald Stage2 invests in small (generally $1 to $3 million) financing rounds of early stage information technology companies that utilize emerging technologies to create compelling business opportunities. While the Fund invests across the information technology spectrum, its primary focus is on companies in the Technology-Enabled Services area. The fund's verticals of interest include:

  • Healthcare Information Technology

  • Pharmaceutical Information Technology

  • Outsourced Business Services

  • Financial Services Information Technology

These areas offer capital-efficient opportunities in markets with tremendous growth potential and utilize the significant prior investing experience of the Fund managers.


The Fund is geographically concentrated in the Pennsylvania and the Mid-Atlantic region, but will also invest in opportunities throughout the D.C. to New York corridor.


The Emerald Stage2 Investment Team will provide portfolio companies active, hands-on assistance in all phases of growth, focusing on the areas in which each company most needs support. These areas include: capital planning and fundraising, strategic and competitive analysis and team development, among others.